Skeptics Welcome


Our Hope Is To Be A Church For Those Who Might Be Shocked To Find Themselves In One.

Do you have questions about the Christian faith? Do you wrestle with intellectual barriers that make belief seem implausible? Do you struggle to reconcile a good God with a hurting world?

We recognize that belief is hard, that’s why... We value questions and the people who ask them. We prize being a community where you can belong before you believe. We assume each Sunday that there are people present who are not convinced.

You are welcome here. Come. Doubt. Ask. Explore.

Your presence would be a gift to us.

Each week at Treasuring Christ Church there are a lot of ways to explore what it means to be a Christian — join us for one of our worship services or attend a Small Group. During the fall and spring we host a monthly gathering called West Side Cafe, which is a great opportunity to dialogue with our pastors and others processing the Christian faith. 

Our staff would love to grab coffee with you, hear the questions you have and get to know you. If you'd be interested you can email