Our history


The vision for Treasuring Christ Church came from a burden that God put in the hearts of two families in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2012. As members of a gospel-centered and kingdom-minded church called Open Door Church, these two families began to grow increasingly brokenhearted for places with both great spiritual darkness and few gospel-centered local churches. Not knowing where God was calling them to go, they began meeting together to pray and dream, asking God what He wanted them to do about this burden.

Through God’s leading and the shepherding of Open Door Church, God solidified a vision: to plant a gospel-centered, reproducing church in a collegiate city with very few Christians.

The economic crash of Detroit in 2013 caught their attention, and the families turned their eyes to Michigan and ultimately to Ann Arbor. As they learned about the city and traveled to experience it, they fell in love with it. The academics at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). The culture. The sports. The arts. The diversity. Anyone who’s ever visited Ann Arbor for a short period of time agrees—it’s really hard not to love this city.

But more than their affection for the city, they grew to love the people. However, like Paul in Athens as retold in Acts 17, as they laughed and talked with the people, they became broken over the spiritual condition of many in this place. As they prayed for people and continued to visit, they grew increasingly confident that this was the city and these were the people to which God was leading them.

In 2018, these two families along with a few others, packed up all of their belongings and moved from North Carolina to Ann Arbor. Since moving to the city, they have been settling into their neighborhoods, making friends, serving in the community, connecting with other local churches, and looking regularly for the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, September 8, Treasuring Christ Church will officially begin. However, the church family is already alive and active. They are meeting together regularly for training, fellowship, worship and prayer. As they meet together, they aim to live out the call of Christ by caring for one another while also spurring one another on in the mission — to delight in, declare and display the gospel in all of life and for the good of Ann Arbor.

Our dream at Treasuring Christ Church is two-fold:

  1. That we would plant a church for the city of Ann Arbor, that will love college students, townies, and everyone in between with the love of Jesus Christ;

  2. And compelled by the Great Commission, we would multiply by planting other healthy local churches throughout Southeast Michigan, North America and to the ends of the earth. 

If you would like to learn more about Treasuring Christ Church or how to become a member of this group, please click here.