The West Side Cafe is a new monthly gathering for seekers, skeptics and those exploring Christianity. These gatherings provide a safe and open space to explore the toughest claims of the Christian faith with friends who don’t identify with the Christian faith and are open to learning more. Each subject builds on the previous, and each is concerned with the larger question, does Christianity make sense emotionally, culturally and intellectually?

The West Side Cafe is hosted by Treasuring Christ Church, which means we approach every topic from a Christian perspective. However, it is intended to create a space to discuss the Christian faith in public and foster dialogue between those who think and believe differently. Too often, we are scared to interact with others who think differently than us or we are content to avoid those who are different than us. The West Side Cafe seeks to change this reality for the good of our community.

Each meeting will provide an open space for discussion, a brief presentation on the topic from a Christian perspective, and further time for interaction based upon the questions of those in attendance. To help create a safe and open environment, the West Cafe seeks to follow these ground rules.

West Side Cafe House Rules:

  • The goal is not to win an argument but to have a discussion.

  • We will treat one another as we would want to be treated.

  • We will be open to critique and flaws in our thinking.

  • We will discuss topics, not attack people.

  • We will seek to understand the perspective of others, not settle for caricatures of others.

  • We will consult various sources–personal experience, philosophy, history, sociology, and religious texts.

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